Sunday, October 31, 2010

skin reactions to something

Well, the original intention of this blog was to give ME some reference materials to track down reactions and keep track of safe items so I didn't have to rely on my very unreliable memory.  So here's the newest issue ... the face rash *sigh* not much swelling, just a fine rash all over my face and up under my jaw and of course on my scalp.

Ingested items for the last 24 hours:
king arthur flours
kroger salted butter
spring tree maple syrup
oscar meyer bacon
fuji organic apples
sweet potatoes

Topical items on the face in the last 24 hours:
Jason Vitamin E oil
Marukan Rice Vinegar
Savonnierie lotion

Hm, now that I've typed it all out I'm second guessing my butter, maple syrup and bacon.  I've used all of those before without reaction (or a noticeable reaction I should say).  The lotion has given me pause in the past.  It should be corn free and the company has been reliable and reputable for the corn free community for quite some time so I would be very surprised if there is corn in the lotion - but maybe there's something else in there I'm reacting to.

To further complicate things, I had a reaction to some mushrooms on Friday ... a delayed skin response isn't out of the question, but this is a more severe response than I am accustomed to.  This reminds me of the 'good old days' before I had a diagnosis.

More notes as I fine tune the search and see how the rash heals.  Will have to keep things super clean for the next few days.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pillows and Deodorant

So, I mentioned the pillow thing to my mom and she ordered me a buckwheat pillow. She also said she would give me the very feather pillow that was under my head at night while I stayed at her house. Isn't she great!?

The pillows of hers that I brought to my bed aren't feather after all. They feel like feather, squishy and all - but are actually some kind of foam. The hives are back albeit better than before. I am excited to see how things go with the new pillows!

After my armpits peeling completely as a result of some Jason brand deodorant I decided to try some crystal deodorant. Mind you, I was skeptical. I live in a VERY hippie town, which generally makes shopping for whole natural foods easier but also means that most of the people in my town smell REALLY bad. Apparently, they aren't using the crystal deodorant that I am. This stuff not only works but my armpits feel great. I was super tired last night and decided to go to bed without a shower. The deodorant is STILL going strong, 36 some odd hours later. Here's what I'm using:

Not too expensive and worth every penny.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Traveling Perils

I was so happy to get to travel to my mothers for an impromptu vacation! Off I go, 5 hours north, rental car that drives like a dream ... and was apparently cleaned with gallons of corny cleaning fluids. I had hives on my face 1 hour into the trip. After the hives appeared I began to pay attention to the hundreds of miles of corn fields I was driving through and started to get a little nervous about this trip.

Got a hotel as there was lots of family at mom's... found I was allergic to EVERYTHING in the hotel, from the sheets to the pillows to the towels to the carpet *sigh*. Back to stay at mom's.

Eating wasn't too bad as I was the designated chef given my allergy.

I had hives for a week and was VERY happy to get home even though I missed all the family I had to say goodbye to.

The silver lining on this red blotchy cloud is that my mother has feather pillows instead of foam. The hives on my scalp (which I have had off and on for at least a decade) cleared completely. I think it was my pillows all along. So when I got home I pulled my mom's feather pillows out of our guest room and have been luxuriating in my non-itchy scalp ever since...

will have to go buy mom some more pillows - or make an investment in buckwheat.