Monday, November 1, 2010

corn in pharmaceuticals

first - thank god for spell check.  I can't spell pharmaceuticals correctly no matter what.  I try and try.

anyhoo, a member of the Delphi forums posted a question about medications utilizing corn and I became intrigued.  like a dog with a bone I made google my bitch and found this bit of fun:

now, that there is a list of all the drugs that have just the word corn somewhere in their descriptive information.  sometimes it's a reference to corn syrup and sometimes it's a reference to an ingredient being derived from corn.  but it's 230 different drugs.  sweet moses!  i'm actually tempted to type all 230 of those out into a spreadsheet and then do a search for all of the other hundreds of corn names (dextros, maltodextrin, glycerine,etc.) to see how big I can get this list.

that endeavor would be incredibly satisfying (as I love spreadsheets), but I would likely end up in a ball on the floor crying for the poor families who have to figure out how to medically treat their children who are allergic to 90% of the medications available and are dealing with a hospital and pediatric staff who know bupkis about allergies.

*shakes fist at sky*

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  1. Do it! I would love to see that list. I think it would blow people away.
    Drugs are an issue when it comes to corn allergies and most people who don't have them just don't get it. I had to wait another 36 hours to get a safe antibiotic for my son due to his corn allergy. They claimed that it wasn't used that often anymore and because it's an 'old' drug, they don't stock it. Great.
    So we started implementing natural treatments and preventative stuff to try to keep the kids healthy so that they don't need big pharma! So far so good.